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Humane Friends - Yard Sale

Yo Cat! Shake your money maker!

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Humane Friends Online Yard Sale

Humane friends gets items donated from time to time, if we try them on eBay and they don't sell we will list them here. In some cases, they will come straight here. This is a selling journal with all proceeds going to benefit Humane Friends Rescue. Any question about the rescue should be directed to Devan @ humanefriends dot org. Feel free to visit our website as well.

Terms are pretty simple, if you want something listed, just post or email me. Prices will be listed and if the price is negotiable I will say so. Otherwise, prices are firm. Basic terms:

I ship WORLDWIDE! Shipping to US and Canada & Europe. If you're buying outside of the US, e-mail me for shippping info with the items and I will get a shipping estimate to you within 12 -24 hours (depending on my schedule).

E-Mail/Paypal mail:
xsyntrik @ humanefreinds.org

Payments accepted for US Residents:
*Checks(will hold till check clears 1-2 weeks(please be a good check writer)

Non-US Residents: Paypal, or USD ONLY


I will hold items but for a reasonable amount of time only.

As an approved member, you can post things for sale to benefit Humane Friends as well. If you do so, make sure to note in your post, your specific terms of sale and have pmnt directed via paypal to xsyntrik @ humanefriends dot org.

ONCE ALL ITEMS IN POST HAVE SOLD, POST WILL BE DELETED, this way you know any post that is up will have items still for sale.

Devan Kelli Pander
Humane Friends Rescue