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$10 shipping included

I am selling these to raise money for The shelter is in a tight spot and needs a few extra dollars as kitten season is in full force and we have taken in several birds in the past month. Rather than ask for donations we decided to try and raise money this way. Please buy one for yourself and anyone you know.

I will be away from my computer today holding adoptions at our local Petco but I have literally dozens of these in stock so if you want one, please just send pmnt via paypal to or if you want to send well concealed cash or check email me for the address.

Please note in your paypal pmnt what the money is for and make sure your address is clear. Feel free to email me with questions but remember I will not be able to answer them likely until tomorrow.

Here are the details:


For fragrance without flame or smoke, try an aromatized terra cotta diffuser! Pour scented oil in, and fragrance will permeate through the porous clay.

Set includes two diffusers (moon and sun) and two bottles of oil (lavender and jasmine). 3" high. Set
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